Where to File a Complaint Against GTPL?

Dealing with cable TV and internet issues can be frustrating. If you’re a customer of GTPL and are facing problems, you may want to file a complaint to resolve the matter. But where exactly should you submit your grievance against GTPL? Here’s a guide on how and where to file a complaint against GTPL:

Understanding GTPL

GTPL or Gujarat Telelink Private Limited is a popular cable TV and broadband service provider in Gujarat. It offers cable TV, high-speed internet, and landline services under the brand name GTPL.

With over 6 million customers, GTPL has a strong presence across Gujarat including cities like Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surat, Vadodara, Bhavnagar, and Jamnagar.

Why You May Want to Complain Against GTPL

There can be several reasons why a customer may want to complain against GTPL. Some common grievances include:

  • Frequent service disruptions or slow internet speed
  • Wrong billing, extra charges, or billing disputes
  • Poor customer service and delayed technician visits
  • Channel packages not working correctly
  • Security deposit not refunded after disconnection
  • Misbehaviour by staff members

If you face any such issues as a GTPL customer, you have the right to submit your complaint and get the problem resolved.

You can also check your GTPL broadband usage to identify any discrepancies in billing amounts.

Where to File Complaint Against GTPL?

1. Online Complaint on GTPL Website

The easiest way to submit your complaint is through the official GTPL website. Simply visit www.gtpl.net and click on ‘Complaints’ on the top menu.

This will open the online complaint registration form where you have to fill in your subscriber ID, contact details, and details of your grievance.

An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number for verification. Once submitted, you will get a complaint number for future reference.


  • Convenient 24×7 online access
  • The quick process with minimal details required
  • Get updates on complaint status via email/SMS


  • Have to wait for GTPL customer care to respond
  • Resolution can take time depending on the issue’s severity.

2. Call GTPL Helpline Number

You can also call the GTPL customer care helpline to speak to a representative and explain your issue. The toll-free pan-India helpline number is 1600-233-7890.

Calling the helpline allows you to explain your problem in detail instantly. The customer care executive registers your grievance and provides a complaint number.

Make sure to note down the complaint number.


  • Direct interaction with a customer representative
  • Get immediate acknowledgment of the issue


  • Have to wait on call, long hold times
  • Resolution timeframe uncertain

3. Visit Nearby GTPL Customer Service Centre

For urgent complaints, visiting your nearest GTPL customer service centre may be the best option.

Meet the customer service officer and submit your complaint details in writing. Get an acknowledgement slip with the complaint number.

This allows you to explain the problem face-to-face and submit supporting documents if required. The resolution may be quicker.


  • In-person interaction, explain the issue clearly
  • Submit documents and written complaint
  • Quick redressal if the issue is simple


  • Limited customer service centres
  • Inconvenient if the centre is far away
  • Wait times and delays are probable

4. Lodge Complaint on TRAI/UIDAI Portal

If your repeated complaints to GTPL directly did not help resolve your issue, you can approach the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).

You can register your complaint against GTPL on the TRAI Consumer Complaint Registration System. Specify GTPL and your subscriber ID.

For complaints related to Aadhar-mobile linking, you can use the UIDAI Grievance Redressal Mechanism.


  • Complaint escalation to TRAI/UIDAI
  • Helps in stubborn cases


  • Delayed resolution, long process
  • Multiple follow-ups needed

Vital Tips on GTPL Complaint Process

  • Note down the complaint number for all complaints raised via any medium. This helps in follow-up.
  • Follow up regularly on your complaints if the issue is unresolved. Escalate to higher authorities if needed.
  • Be polite but firm with customer care. Provide all details and request a complaint number.
  • For billing disputes, make payment under protest to avoid service disconnection.
  • Submit only one complaint for one issue. Duplicate complaints can complicate matters.
  • If required, approach consumer court as the last resort. But try to resolve with GTPL first.


1. How Can I Track the Status of Complaints Filed with GTPL?

You can track your GTPL complaint status by calling the customer care helpline and providing the complaint number.

Alternatively, for online complaints, check the status by logging into your GTPL account on the website.

2. What Details are Required to File a GTPL Complaint?

Essential details include your subscriber ID, registered mobile no., service address and invoice details if billing related.

Also provide full details of the grievance and previous complaint reference if applicable.

3. What is the Escalation Matrix if GTPL Does Not Resolve My Issue?

Approach the Nodal Officer of your area if your complaints remain unresolved.

You can also complain to the Appellate Authority, then TRAI and Consumer Court in the same city as a last resort.

4. Is There Any Timeline for GTPL to Resolve Complaints?

As per TRAI rules, GTPL must resolve service-related complaints within 3 days. For billing complaints, the resolution should happen within 4 weeks.

In reality, it may take longer in complex cases.

5. Can TRAI Help If I Face Speed/Performance Issues with GTPL Broadband?

Yes, you can approach TRAI for broadband speed-related complaints. TRAI can direct GTPL to maintain promised speeds and quality standards.

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