How to Subscribe to GTPL Channel

Do you want access to a wide variety of TV channels but don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing a dish antenna or signing contracts with cable providers? GTPL channel subscription is the perfect solution for you!

GTPL (Gujarat Telelink Private Limited) offers cable TV services in multiple cities across Gujarat. With over 250+ channels spanning various genres like entertainment, movies, infotainment, kids, sports, and more, a GTPL connection can meet the diverse preferences of every family member.

Subscribing to GTPL channels is quite straightforward. This handy guide will walk you through the quick process step-by-step:

Step 1: Choose Your GTPL Pack

GTPL offers multiple packs based on the number and type of channels you want.
Compare the channel lists and pricing of each pack at to pick one that matches your interests and budget.

Some popular packs are:

  • GTPL City Basic Pack – 170+ channels for ₹130/month
  • GTPL Classic Combo Pack – 210+ channels including HD channels for ₹275/month
  • GTPL Elite Pack – 235+ channels with 25+ HD channels for ₹330/month

Keep the requirements of your entire household in mind while selecting the right pack. You can also lock channels on your GTPL set-top box to restrict access.

Step 2: Check GTPL Service Availability

Before subscribing, verify that GTPL services are available at your address.

You can check availability by:

  • Visiting your nearest GTPL office – Find the closest office at
  • Using the availability checker – Enter your address on the GTPL website to instantly check availability
  • Calling GTPL customer care – Call toll-free 1800-233-0-233 to inquire about service availability

If GTPL services are not available yet, you can submit an application for a new connection on their website.

The company will get back to you once they expand services to your area.

Step 3: Submit Application Form and Documents

GTPL offers both online and offline methods to submit your subscription application.

Online Application

  • Go to the GTPL website and click on “New Connection”
  • Select your city and enter details like name, address, mobile number, etc.
  • Upload scanned copies of required documents – identity proof and address proof
  • Pay a refundable security deposit online to complete the application

Offline Application

  • Get an application form from the nearest GTPL office or GTPL service technician
  • Fill in details and submit them along with photocopies of ID and address proof
  • Pay the security deposit at the office counter and get an acknowledgment receipt

Commonly accepted documents are an Aadhaar card, Voter ID, passport, driver’s license, etc.

Step 4: Get New Connection Installed

Once GTPL verifies your application, a technician will contact you to schedule installation. Ensure someone above 18 years is home on the decided date and time.

The technician will:

  • Install set-top box, dish antenna (if needed) and cabling
  • Activate your selected channel pack on the STB
  • Demonstrate operation and channel browsing
  • Collect installation charges (if applicable)

And you’re all set! Start enjoying your favorite shows in crystal clear quality. You can also check your GTPL STB number for future reference.

Step 5: Make Monthly Payments

GTPL offers multiple recharge options so you can easily pay your monthly subscription charges:

  • Auto debit from the bank – Set up an automated deduction of pack rate from a bank account
  • Online payment – Use credit/debit card, net banking on the GTPL website
  • Mobile app – Recharge via GTPL Suthar app available on PlayStore
  • Authorized retail outlets – Find outlets near you to pay in cash

Be sure to recharge before the due date to keep your account active. You can also recharge the GTPL cable online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries regarding GTPL channel subscriptions:

1. What is the process for upgrading my existing GTPL pack?

You can upgrade to a higher-value pack at any time without additional installation charges.

Just contact GTPL customer care or visit your nearest GTPL office. The higher pack will be activated within 24 hours.

2. Can I subscribe to extra add-on channels?

Yes, GTPL offers many popular add-on channels such as Star Sports HD, MTV HD+, Sony BBC Earth HD, etc. which you can add to your base pack.

Call customer care or check the GTPL website to know add-on costs.

3. How to downgrade or disconnect my GTPL connection?

Submit a downgrade or disconnection application at least 30 days in advance at the GTPL office. You can later reactivate the same within 90 days without fresh installation.

4. What is the process for transferring my GTPL connection to a new address?

Submit your new address proof at the GTPL office at least 15 days before you move.

The connection will be shifted to your new home within 7 days after verification. Partial charges may apply.

5. How can I troubleshoot issues with my GTPL set-top box?

First, try resetting your STB by unplugging and reconnecting it. You can also access the self-diagnostic menu to identify issues.

If problems persist, call the GTPL helpline so they can resolve or replace your STB if needed. I hope this detailed guide gives you a clear overview of the entire GTPL subscription process.

With its wide range of reasonably priced channel packs, GTPL is undoubtedly the best cable TV provider across Gujarat today.

Follow the easy steps mentioned above to get your new connection up and running in no time. So grab the snacks and get ready for endless entertainment!

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