How to Reset GTPL Set Top Box?

Having issues with your GTPL set-top box? Resetting it can often fix minor problems and get it working properly again. A reset essentially restores the box’s software to its original settings, clearing any glitches that may have developed over time.

Resetting a GTPL set-top box is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Preparing to Reset

Before resetting your GTPL box, there are a couple of things you’ll want to do:

  • Disconnect any extra devices – If you have devices like USB drives or external hard drives connected to the set-top box, disconnect them. The reset will wipe any connected storage devices.
  • Note your settings – Take a quick look at your current settings and note any customizations you’ve made. These will all be cleared after the reset. Checking your GTPL broadband usage can help identify any settings that impact bandwidth.
  • Check for updates – If it’s been a while since your last update, connect the box and check if there are any new firmware updates to download. Installing the latest firmware first can help avoid issues. You can also test GTPL internet speed to identify any connectivity problems before resetting.

Once you’ve done these things, you’re ready to reset the box.

Resetting the Set Top Box

Resetting a GTPL box is a very straightforward process:

1. Turn Off the Box

First, turn off the GTPL set-top box using the power button on the front or side panel. Unplug the power cord from the back of the box as well.

2. Locate the Reset Button

Look on the back or side of the box to find a small button labeled “Reset” with a pinhole icon next to it. This is the reset button.

Consult the GTPL router setup guide for your model to identify the reset button if unsure.

3. Press and Hold Reset

Use a pointed object like an unfolded paperclip to press and hold the Reset button for 5-10 seconds.

4. Turn Power Back On

Plug the power cord back in and turn the GTPL box on. It will take a minute or two to reboot.
Once the box finishes restarting, the reset is complete! All settings are now restored to their factory defaults.

Completing Setup After Reset

After resetting your GTPL set-top box, you’ll need to complete the initial setup again:

  • Choose your language preference.
  • Accept the Terms of Service.
  • Connect to your WiFi network. If you have GTPL broadband issues, resetting can help resolve connectivity problems.
  • Re-enter your GTPL account credentials to activate the box. You can find your account details on your latest GTPL bill online.
  • Redo any custom settings like your channel list organization.
  • Rescan for channels to refresh the lineup. The GTPL channel list has the latest offerings.


Here are some frequently asked questions about resetting GTPL set-top boxes:

1. Will I Lose All My Recordings and Settings?

Yes, a factory reset will wipe any stored recordings, custom settings, and account info from the box. Be sure to note your preferences before resetting.

2. Do I Need to Call GTPL after Resetting?

No, you can reactivate the box using your GTPL account credentials during setup after the reset. No need to contact GTPL customer care.

3. How Long Does the Reset Process Take?

Resetting takes just a few minutes. The longer part is redoing the setup afterwards which can take 15-20 minutes.

4. Will a Reset Fix a Frozen Screen/Stuck Loading Issue?

Yes, resetting can often resolve common frozen screen or stuck loading issues on GTPL boxes.

5. Does Resetting Improve Connectivity Problems?

It may help. Resetting will erase any bad WiFi settings that may be interfering with connectivity.

6. Can I Reset it Without the Remote Control?

As long as you can access the reset pinhole button on the box, you can reset without the remote.

7. Will I Lose any Paid Content or Rentals I Purchased?

Most likely. Resetting clears all temporary data, so any rental movies or one-time purchases may be lost.

Resetting your GTPL set-top box can solve a lot of minor issues and glitches. Follow the steps above to quickly restore your box to factory settings.

Just be sure to redo your custom setup after the reset process completes.

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