How to Recharge GTPL Cable Online?

Living in the digital era, cable TV has become an integral part of our daily entertainment. With popular cable TV providers like GTPL, recharging our subscription is now just a few clicks away

Gone are the days when we had to visit the cable operator’s office and stand in long queues to make payments.

Read on to find out how you can conveniently recharge your GTPL cable connection online through various payment options.

Understanding GTPL Cable TV Plans

GTPL offers cable TV services across multiple cities in India including Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara, Anand, and Nadiad, among others.

They have different cable TV plans based on the number of channels offered. Some popular plans include:

  • Starter Pack – Includes 158 channels
  • Silver Pack – Includes 223 channels
  • Gold Pack – Includes 307 channels
  • Platinum Pack – Includes 355 channels

These packs come with various regional, entertainment, news, sports, devotional, and kids channels. You can choose a suitable pack as per your budget and preferences.

The prices range from ₹170 to ₹400 per month approximately.

When you opt for longer recharge cycles like 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year, you can get discounts on the total billing amount.

GTPL also provides value-added services like gaming, broadband, landline, HD channels, etc. which you can include in your plan

To test your GTPL internet speed, you can use the GTPL speed test tool.

Ways to Recharge GTPL Cable Connection Online

Recharging your GTPL cable TV subscription online is quick and easy through the following methods:

1. Using GTPL Website

  • Visit the official GTPL website and click on the ‘Pay Bill’ option.
  • Select your city and enter your GTPL subscriber ID to proceed.
  • Choose the desired recharge amount and payment cycle i.e. monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annual.
  • You can pay using credit/debit cards, net banking, or UPI.
  • As soon as the payment goes through, your GTPL cable TV will be recharged instantly.

2. Using MY GTPL Mobile App

  • Download the My GTPL Mobile App on your Android phone.
  • Log in using your subscriber ID and registered mobile number.
  • Go to the ‘Recharge’ section and select a suitable cable TV plan.
  • Make payments through cards, net banking, or other UPI apps linked to the MY GTPL app.
  • Your recharge will be activated immediately and you can start enjoying cable TV seamlessly.

3. Online Payment Apps

Several third-party payment apps like Paytm, PhonePe, Amazon Pay, Freecharge, etc. partner with GTPL for easy online recharges.

You can find the GTPL recharge option on these apps and complete the payment in just a few taps.

4. GTPL Partner Outlets

If you prefer the human touch, walk into an authorized GTPL partner outlet near you. Tell them your subscriber ID and pack details.

Pay the bill via cash, card, or UPI. The outlet executive will instantly reactivate your GTPL connection.

Benefits of Online GTPL Recharge

Recharging your cable TV subscription online comes with the following advantages:

  • Convenience – Recharge anytime, anywhere at your comfort through a website or app.
  • No Queues – Avoid standing in long queues at the cable operator’s office.
  • Instant Activation – Online recharge gets activated immediately in real-time.
  • Secure Payments – Multiple payment options like cards, net banking, and UPI for safe transactions.
  • Discount Offers – Get special discounts or cashback when recharging for longer cycles online.
  • Instant Receipts – Payment receipts are generated online for future reference.
  • Seamless Experience – Uninterrupted cable TV viewing without manual recharge worries.

Track GTPL Recharge Status

You can easily check the status of your online recharge by:

  • Logging into your account on the GTPL website/app to view the remaining balance, validity, etc.
  • Calling GTPL customer care and providing subscriber ID to get recharge status.
  • Visiting the nearest GTPL partner outlet and inquiring about your subscriber details.
  • Checking your cable TV connection – channels will reflect the actual active pack if a recharge is successful.

So next time your GTPL subscription is due for a recharge, simply follow the online methods discussed above.

Ditch the long queues and opt for quick, convenient GTPL online recharges to continue enjoying your favorite cable TV channels without interruption.


1. What are the Different GTPL Cable TV Plans Available?

GTPL offers Starter, Silver, Gold, and Platinum packs with 158, 223, 307, and 355 channels respectively at prices ranging from ₹170 to ₹400 per month.

2. How Can I Get Discounts on GTPL Online Recharges?

You can get discounts and offers when you recharge for longer cycles like 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year on the GTPL website/app.

3. Is it Safe to Recharge GTPL Online?

Yes, it is completely safe. Multiple secure payment options like cards, net banking, and UPI are available for hassle-free transactions.

4. How Do I Track My GTPL Online Recharge Status?

You can check your recharge status by logging into your GTPL account, calling customer care, visiting partner outlets,s or checking cable TV channels.

5. What are the Benefits of Recharging GTPL Online?

Benefits include convenience, no queues, instant activation, secure payments, discounts, instant receipts, and uninterrupted cable TV service.

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