How to Lock Channels on Your GTPL Set Top Box?

Watching television brings entertainment into our homes, but parents often want to restrict what their kids view. Thankfully, GTPL set-top boxes provide the ability to lock specific channels, preventing access to inappropriate content and giving parents peace of mind.

Locking channels is accomplished through the settings menu on your GTPL box. It only takes a few minutes to get channels locked down. This guide will walk you through the process in detail.

Preparing to Lock Channels

Before starting the channel locking process, make sure to have your GTPL remote and set-top box powered on and connected to the television.

It’s helpful to have a channel list on hand so you know which specific channels to block. Take some time to consider which channels your kids regularly watch so you can leave those unlocked

Locking channels affects all user profiles, not just kids’ profiles, so you don’t want to block channels family members regularly view.

Accessing the Parental Controls

The parental control menu is where channel locking is managed on GTPL set-top boxes. Access this menu by:

  • Pressing the Menu button on the GTPL remote
  • Navigating to the Settings area using the arrow keys
  • Selecting the option for Parental Controls or Locks
  • Entering your 4-digit GTPL box PIN code

If you haven’t created a PIN yet, you will be prompted to make one. This PIN prevents kids from bypassing channel locks, so keep it private.

Locking Individual Channels

Within the Parental Controls menu, you’ll find options for locking channels, blocking by content ratings, and more.

To lock a single channel, navigate to the “Channel Locks” or “Channel Blocking” area. Highlight channels you want to block using the arrow and OK buttons on the remote. A lock icon will appear next to blocked channels.

Lock as many individual channels as needed, then press the Exit button to save changes when finished. The channels will now be inaccessible to users.

Locking a Range of Channels

If you want to restrict a range of channels, like an entire section of high-numbered adult channels, use the “Lock Channel Range” feature.

To do this, highlight the first and last channel number of the range you want to block. Confirm when prompted and the entire range will be blocked.

Unlocking Channels

To later unlock channels, simply re-enter the Parental Controls menu and remove the lock icon next to channels or delete a blocked channel range.

Just be sure to keep the master PIN private so only parents can modify channel locks. Without the PIN, kids will see a restricted message if they tune in to a locked channel.

Tips for Managing Locked Channels

  • Review locked channels periodically to modify restrictions as kids’ interests change.
  • Lock entire channel ranges to restrict inappropriate genres.
  • Use channel locks together with content rating blocks for maximum control.

Channel locking gives families flexibility over what content is viewed. In just minutes, you can customize channel access in your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I set a PIN for my GTPL box?

When first accessing the parental controls menu, you will be prompted to create a 4-digit numeric PIN. This PIN must be entered any time you want to lock or unlock channels.

2. Can I lock channels without a subscription?

Yes, you can lock any channel on your GTPL box, even free or local channels. You don’t need an active subscription to use channel locks.

3. Do channel locks block content by age rating?

No, channel locks only restrict full channels. To block by age rating, use the content rating settings in the parental controls.

4. Why is a locked channel showing a restricted message?

When tuning to a locked channel, users will see a message about the content being restricted. This indicates the channel is locked and inaccessible due to parental controls.

5. How many channels can I lock on a GTPL box?

There is no limit to the number of individual channels you can lock. You can lock as many or as few as needed for your home.

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