How to Convert GTPL Remote with TV Remote

Do you have a GTPL set-top box at home but find its remote to be too simple or faulty? If yes, don’t worry as you can easily convert your regular TV remote into a GTPL remote. This will allow you to access all the GTPL set-top box features directly through your TV remote.

Converting a normal TV remote into a GTPL remote is quite straightforward. All you need is a TV remote that supports remote code learning.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to program GTPL remote codes into your TV remote for seamless access.

Understanding Remote Code Learning

Most modern TV remotes come with a ‘learning’ feature that allows you to program remote codes from other devices.

This lets you use just one remote to control multiple devices like your TV, set-top box, sound system, etc.

To check if your TV remote supports code learning, look for a ‘Code Search’ or ‘Learn’ button on the remote.

The position and labeling of this button can vary across brands. Once you have located the learning button, your remote is ready to be programmed with GTPL remote codes.

Steps to Convert TV Remote for GTPL Set-Top Box

Converting your TV remote to work with a GTPL connection is easy if you carefully follow these steps:

1. Turn On the GTPL Set-Top Box and TV

Firstly, switch on your GTPL set-top box and TV using the original remotes. Make sure both are powered on before proceeding.

2. Locate the Remote Code Learning Option

Now look for the ‘Code Search’ or ‘Learn’ button on your TV remote. As mentioned earlier, the position and labeling may be different for different brands.

3. Enable Learning Mode

Once you have found the learning button, press and hold it for a few seconds. Your TV remote will now go into learning mode.

4. Select GTPL Device Option

When in learning mode, your TV will display an interface to select the type of device you want to program. Navigate to the option related to set-top boxes or GTPL and confirm.

5. Press Buttons on the GTPL Remote

With the learning mode activated and the GTPL device selected, you now need to press buttons on the GTPL remote one by one.

Start with the power button followed by the channel/number keys.

Press each GTPL remote button once steadily while pointing at the IR receiver of your TV remote. This will transfer the keycodes to your TV remote.

6. Try Control Commands

After transferring some important GTPL remote keys, exit the learning mode on your TV remote and try them out.
See if pressing those buttons now controls your GTPL set-top box functions.

7. Add More Keys if Needed

If some keys don’t work as expected, repeat steps 3-6 to add their GTPL codes again. Keep transferring button codes one by one from the original remote to your TV remote.

8. Exit Learning Mode

Once all major GTPL set-top box functions are accessible through the TV remote, exit the learning mode. The GTPL remote codes will be permanently saved on your TV remote.

And you are done! Your regular TV remote is now capable of controlling the GTPL set-top box seamlessly.

How to Reset Learned GTPL Remote Codes

If you wish to undo the GTPL remote programming on your TV remote, follow these simple steps:

  • Locate the learning button on the TV remote and press+hold again to enter learning mode
  • Select the GTPL/Set-top box device option
  • Press and hold the ‘Exit’ or ‘Clear’ button on the TV remote for a few seconds
  • Repeat pressing the clear button 2-3 times
  • Exit the learning mode

All the GTPL remote codes will now be wiped off from your TV remote. You can repeat the learning process in the future if needed.

Troubleshooting Guide

Here are some common issues faced during GTPL remote conversion and how to fix them:

TV remote not entering learning mode – Check the battery levels and whether the learning button is pressed correctly. Try pressing and holding for 5+ seconds. Consult the TV user manual for specific guidance.

  • Codes not transferring – Point remote IR windows directly at each other from close range, approx 3-5 inches. Press the GTPL remote buttons firmly once at a time.
  • Some keys not working – Certain GTPL keys may need programming again. Re-enter learning mode and transfer those specific buttons again.
  • Lost GTPL box control – GTPL codes may have been accidentally deleted or overwritten. Follow the reset steps to clear and reprogram all keys.
  • Learning mode not detecting GTPL – Try selecting the ‘Cable box’ or ‘Satellite box’ code type option instead of GTPL specifically.

With some patience, anyone can successfully program their TV remote to work with the GTPL set-top box and enjoy an enhanced viewing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common queries on converting TV remote for GTPL set-top box:

1. Can all TV remotes learn GTPL codes?

Most modern TV remotes support code learning but some older or basic models may lack this feature. Refer user manual or look for a learning button.

2. How many GTPL remote keys to program?

At a minimum, transfer power, channel numbers, volume, and OK/Enter keys. For full control, transfer all frequently used keys.

3. Do I need a GTPL remote after conversion?

No, you can use only the TV remote after programming it for GTPL functions. But keep the GTPL remote as a backup.

4. How to control both TV and GTPL boxes?

Program both TV and GTPL codes in one remote. Device selection options allow you to switch control between the two.

5. Can I program the AC remote also?

Yes, most AC remotes can learn IR codes. But be careful, as AC and IR remotes cannot operate the other appliance type.

6. Is code learning present in every brand?

Almost all reputed TV brands have incorporated remote code learning features in their remotes. Check your model specifically.

7. Can the learning mode erase other codes?

No, adding new codes does not erase existing ones from the remote. But resetting deletes all programmed codes.

8. How many devices can I program?

Most remotes can learn codes for up to 4-5 devices comfortably. But some advanced models support more.

So in summary, converting your regular TV remote to control the GTPL set-top box is quite easy if your remote has learning capability.

Follow the programming steps properly to enjoy seamless device operation.

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