How to Check My GTPL Set Top Box Number

When you get a new GTPL set-top box installed at your home for cable TV services, the company assigns a unique identification number to it. This setup box number allows GTPL to activate and manage services for your device.

Knowing your GTPL set-top box number comes in handy for several reasons. You may need to inform GTPL customer care about issues with your STB and they will ask for the device number. It can also help verify ownership if your STB gets misplaced.

The number is required when you want to upgrade, replace, or disconnect your GTPL set-top box. So how do you find the GTPL set-top box number printed on your device?

Here is a simple, step-by-step guide to locate and retrieve this important detail:

Steps to Check GTPL Set Top Box Number

Not sure where to find the set-top box number printed on the device? Don’t worry, it’s easy to locate and retrieve this important detail with just a few simple steps.

Locate the Sticker Behind the STB

The first step is to locate the sticker behind your GTPL set-top box which contains the identification details.

  • Turn off and disconnect the GTPL set-top box from the power outlet.
  • Carefully pull the STB away from the wall or TV cabinet where it is placed.
  • Turn it around to see the rear side.

At the back, you will notice a sticker. This sticker has the GTPL set-top box device number printed on it.

Identify the Set Top Box Number

  • Closely examine the sticker on the rear of the GTPL set-top box.
  • You will see a range of technical details like the model number, serial number, MAC ID, etc.
  • The GTPL set-top box number will be highlighted as “STB No.” or “Set Top Box Number”.

The STB number usually consists of a combination of numbers and letters in this format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.

Note down this alphanumeric ID carefully without missing any characters.

Take a Picture for Future Reference

Once you have identified and noted down the unique GTPL set-top box number, take a clear picture of the sticker.

This will help you retrieve the STB number easily in the future without having to disconnect the device again.

Connect Back the Set-Top Box

After retrieving the GTPL set-top box number, you can reconnect the device:

  • Carefully place the STB back in its original position against the wall or TV cabinet.
  • Reconnect the power cord and turn it on.
  • Use the remote to check if it is functioning properly before mounting it back completely.

Now you have retrieved and noted down the important GTPL set-top box number for future use when required.

Why is the GTPL Set Top Box Number Important?

Here are some key reasons why you need to know and keep a record of the unique STB number for your GTPL connection:

  • Account management – GTPL uses the set-top box number to link the device to your account. It enables them to provide and track services.
  • Troubleshooting issues – In case of technical issues with your GTPL set-top box, customer support will ask for the STB number to diagnose and resolve problems.
  • Ownership verification – If your GTPL set-top box gets misplaced during a home shift or theft, the STB number helps prove ownership.
  • Upgrades/ replacements – The company requires the STB number to swap out or upgrade your existing device to a newer model.
  • Disconnection – While disconnecting GTPL services, you need to provide the set-top box number for the smooth closure of your account.
  • Accessing information – GTPL may use the STB number to retrieve details of the device like warranty status, activation date, installed location, etc.

So clearly, noting down the GTPL set-top box device number and keeping it handy is very important to effectively use and manage your GTPL cable TV services.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When checking the set-top box number printed behind your GTPL device, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

  • Don’t confuse the STB number with the model number or serial number of the device. Carefully check for the correct identification label.
  • Avoid missing out on any characters while noting down the long alphanumeric STB number. Cross-verify before disconnecting the STB.
  • Don’t damage the sticker at the back while disconnecting the device. The barcode and details should be clearly visible.
  • Do not place the GTPL set-top box in an enclosed cabinet after installation. Keep it accessible in case you ever need to retrieve the STB number.
  • Don’t wait until you face technical issues to retrieve your set-top box number. Note it down proactively when installation is complete.
  • Refrain from removing the sticker label from the device as it can lead to warranty violations.

Following these tips will help avoid errors and ensure you have ready access to the all-important GTPL set-top box number when required.


Knowing how to check the unique GTPL set-top box number is important to effectively use and manage your cable TV services.

With a few easy steps to locate and retrieve the STB identification printed behind the device, you can keep this handy for future requirements.

Avoid common mistakes, take a picture of the sticker for reference, and securely store the GTPL set-top box number details for a smooth service experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I change the GTPL set-top box number assigned to my device?

No, the set-top box number is a unique identification number assigned at the factory. You cannot change this number manually on your GTPL STB device.

2. My GTPL STB sticker has rubbed off. How can I still find the STB number?

If the sticker label has rubbed off, you may find the GTPL set-top box number printed on the bottom or side panel of the device.

If it is not visible, contact GTPL customer care and provide other details like name, and address to retrieve your STB number.

3. I have misplaced my GTPL set-top box. How can I retrieve the STB number?

If you have misplaced your GTPL STB, contact GTPL customer care.

Provide your registered contact details and address proof. They can help retrieve the set-top box number used at your address from their database.

4. Why do I need to inform GTPL if I am relocating my set-top box to a new address?

If you are shifting your residence, inform GTPL and provide the STB number. They will update their database about the device location for seamless service provision.

The STB number helps link the device to the new address.

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